MA in Public Policy W/ Women's Studies Concentration

One theory course: 

  • WSTU 6220: Fundamentals of Feminist Theory (Fall) or
  • WSTU 6225: Contemporary Feminist Theory (or WSTU approved theory course) 

One methods course

  • WSTU 6221: Research Issues in Feminist Studies (2nd Year, Fall)

5 courses in the Women's Studies and Public Policy core (15 credit hours):

  • WSTU 6240: Women and Public Policy (Spring)
  • ECON 6217: Survey of Economics (Fall/Spring) or a more advanced course in economics
  • PPPA 6002: Research Methods in (Fall/Spring)
  • PPPA 6006: Policy Analysis (Fall/Spring)
  • PPPA 6010: Politics & the Policy Process (Fall/Spring)

6 credit hours from among the following three options:

  • WSTU 6283: Six-hour Practicum (Spring)
  • WSTU 6283 and WSTU 6295: Three-hour Practicum and a separate independent research project (283 - Spring)
  • WSTU 6998-6999: Thesis (6 credit hours)

In addition, students take three elective courses related to their program of study (9 credit hours) to complete the total of 36 credit hours. A typical program of study for the MA in Public Policy with a concentration in Women's Studies might look like:





WSTU 6220 

PPPA 6002

WSTU 6221 

WSTU 6283

PPPA 6010

ECON 6217

PPPA 6006

(6 credit hrs) 


WSTU 6240