MA in Women's Studies

Three theory/methods courses (9 credit hours):

  • WSTU 6220: Fundamentals of Feminist Theory (Fall, usually first year)
  • WSTU 6225: Contemporary Feminist Theory (or women's studies approved theory course)
  • WSTU 6221: Research Issues in Women's Studies (2nd Year, Fall)

6 credit hours from among the following three options:

  • WSTU 6283: Six-hour Practicum (Spring)
  • WSTU 6283 and WSTU 6295:  Three-hour Practicum and a separate independent research project (283 - Spring)
  • WSTU 6998-6999 : Thesis (6 credit hours)

In addition, students take four graduate courses (12 credit hours) in their chosen discipline/field and three courses (9 credit hours) of electives related to their program of study for a total of 36 credit hours.  It is highly recommended that one course in the chosen discipline/field should be a graduate research methods course.  Students may take more than four courses in their discipline/field of choice.  For advice about these courses, students should locate a mentor in the relevant department as early as possible. 

A typical program of study for the MA in Women's Studies with Anthropology as the chosen discipline and the thesis option, for example, might look like:





WSTU 6220 

WSTU 6225 

WSTU 6221

WSTU 6998

ANTH 6591


ANTH Elective 

WSTU 6999

ANTH 6501


ANTH 6331


Typical choices for a liberal arts concentration include disciplines such as Philosophy, History, Sociology, Anthropology, English, Religion, Political Science, or Economics. Some students have designed non-traditional concentrations such as Communications, Public Administration, International Development, and Counseling.